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Katie is a well-known Japanese DJ/Producer who has released music from one of Japan's best Techno label PLUS Records, and from Tokyo's iconic Techno label Totem Traxx.

She has played in Tokyo's best clubs such as "womb" and "Contact," and for premier events such as Berlin's renowned Dirt Crew Recordings's 10th Anniversary tour, SCI+TEC at womb, an Karizma's album release tour. Some of the major arHsts she has opened or supported for includes SHv Hey, Kate Simko, and Lee K.

Katie has also played at No Name IBIZA, where Luciano had his celebrated beach party.

She has directed a PV for her own song and has been modeling for arHsts. Photos she has modeled for have been displayed in presHgious Museum Of Modern Art, N.Y.. She also had her own FM radio show.

Her performance and the excepHonal sense in dramaHc composiHon creates a unique world of her own, which takes audience through the depths of the valley to the ray of the morning light. 



Totem TraxxやPLUS Recordsなどのレーベルからリリースを重ねるDJ/プロデューサー。


wombやContactなど日本を代表するクラブでプレイするほか、イビサ島でLucianoがビーチパーティを開催したNo Name Ibizaでプレイするなど、海外でのプレイ経験もある彼女の選曲は多くのDJに支持されており、ベルリンの老舗レーベルDirt Crew Recordingsの10周年パーティ、SCI+TEC(Dubfire)、Karizmaのアルバムリリースツアー、Lee Kジャパンツアー、Stiv Heyジャパンツアー、Kate Simko日本公演などに参加している。

自らの曲のPVのディレクションや、プロダクトのプロデュースも手掛けるほか、アートモデルとしても活動し、その写真が世界最高峰の美術館であるニューヨークのMuseum Of Modern Artに飾られるなど、アーティストとして様々な活動を展開する。


info@Lokka.hr (International)

wittentertainment@gmail.com (Japan)


For booking, please inquire by e-mail.